Specialty BOV Group Placing Top 20

Bronze GCH CH Victory's Kaspian Perfection at Terlingua


owned by Cara Ryckman and Joe Land, bred by Kathy Hulstein, shown by Chelsea Hahn and Ellen Perry in 2018.  Shown in a few shows and at Top 20 by our wonderful Jr. Handler M. pictured below.  Ranked #6 breed points and #5 GCH points final 2018 stats in his first year of showing!

Terlingua Chihuahuas is a preservation breeder of purposely-bred dogs.  Our breeds are endangered.  Heritage breeders like Terlingua want to see Chihuahuas live on for future generations.  We love Chihuahuas of beauty, brains, health and personality!  The total package superstar is what we're striving for!   


Our Chihuahuas are members of our family - which includes five kids at home under age 14.  We live on a farm in Middle Tennessee.   We are hobby breeder/exhibitors who breed to the AKC standard so that we may have fabulous Chihuahuas to show and love.  We show in AKC conformation and obedience, IABCA and ICE conformation, coursing ability, nosework, FastCAT, and barn hunt!  I have been a part of the dog fancy since I was 11 years old - 44 years ago.  


We appreciate the great breeders who have entrusted us with our wonderful foundation dogs.


We are not a business.  This is a hobby site.  We do this for the love of our wonderful breed and the desire to have Chihuahuas around for many generations to come.  



378 pages of how you too can have an Ultimate Chihuahua!  44-year breed veteran Cara Ryckman and 41 Preservation Breeders tell you how!  Don't leave it to chance!  Tip the scales in your favor, avoid bad breeders, scams, health nightmares, learn to avoid red flags, what to do with your puppy or dog to continue what your breeder started.  You too can have the Ultimate Chihuahua!   $20 plus 3.99 shipping - USA only.  We cannot ship internationally but the e-book should be out by the end of the year!



Members of The Chihuahua Club of America

Top 20 Dogs Owned or Bred for the last 7 Years


GCH CH Terlingua Trumped Up Romance at Sheppards, "Stormy" is #18 all breed.  (Sheppards)

GCHB Terlingua Dark Side Dazzler is #8 NOHS.  (Denpseys)



GCHB Terlingua Fifty Shades of Charlie Tango is #13 All Breed, #10 Breed, #8 NOHS Breed (Dempseys)

GCHB Terlingua Dark Side Dazzler is #20 All Breed, #11 Breed, and #5 NOHS Breed (Dempseys)

Top 20:  OH BIS Multiple OH RBIS BISS Multiple Group Placing GCH-B CH Terlingua Fifty Shades of Charlie Tango (Dempseys)
Top 20:  GCH-G CH LF's Coconut Mojito Terlinga 
Top 20:  GCH-G CH LF's Coconut Mojito Terlinga 
Top 20:  #1 Smooth Coat Breed Points was GCH-G CH Dazzles Thunderous Applause, AND #3 Long Coat Breed Points was GCH-S CH St John's Rico Suave
Top 20:  GCH-S CH Dazzles Thunderous Applause
Top 20:  GCH-S CH Dazzles Naughty Little Hot Stuff Sette AND GCH-S CH Hi-C Chanel Pearls and Ice at Terlingua

Luna's Lost Cove King Cobe TKN


Terlingua Capricious Kobette


Destiny N Figgy's Tito's on the Rocks

CH Bear

CH Terlingua Bear Naked Dazzler


Turning Leaf's Terlingua Big Star Bound

We miss Egor unfathomably, but his sons are shining!


3xBISS Group Placing OH BIS Multiple OH RBIS GCH-S 2019 Top 20 CH Terlingua Fifty Shades of Charlie Tango, owned by the Dempseys

GCH-S CH Terlingua Dark Side Dazzler, "Vader" National Specialty Award of Merit owned by the Dempseys


GCH CH Terlingua Trumped Up Romance at Sheppards, "Stormy" owned by the Sheppards, Toy Specialty BOV

Top Twenty 2021!