Note:  the ONLY way you have reserved a puppy is if we have mutually agreed it is the best situation for the puppy and that it is the puppy you want, and if we have received a signed contract and 1/2 deposit.  Talking to us does NOT reserve a puppy.  Expressing interest does NOT reserve a puppy.  We will NOT notify everyone who has contacted us on our plans for a puppy if you were "thinking" or "talking it over."   We do not take deposits on infants or anything but an agreed upon, identified puppy who has been evaluated, and we do not keep a waiting list as it is better to place the right puppy in the right home than to follow an in-order list of interested people.  At 8 weeks when we evaluate, things do tend to move fast.  At times there are 1, 2, 10 - on one puppy even FIFTY plus people - interested in a particular puppy.  If you are seriously interested in a particular puppy, keep in touch and when 8 weeks if we decide it's a good fit for you, get that deposit and contract right back in so you have the puppy reserved or you may be disappointed.  Our puppies do not leave until at least 10 weeks, completely weaned and eating well (even if several weeks longer), and if tiny puppy or any issue may be longer than that.  A responsible breeder does not place young barely weaned puppies who do not have at least 2 sets of vaccinations.  

If you are interested in an available dog, please email Cara at cara7166@protonmail.com  Email!!  Best way to reach us.  I am not a phone person, and my time is very limited with kids, dogs, horses, and college.  I am GREAT with emails and facebook messages.  If we identify a dog you and I both feel is right for your home, we can talk on the phone at that point if you would like.  ALL of our dogs are current on shots and heartworm preventative, well cared for and much loved.  

Happy to help you find an ethical breeder of Chihuahuas even if we do not have what you are looking for.  I am hearing over and over lately sad stories about people getting scammed.  My advice is to go to the Chihuahua Club of America website and talk to breeders listed there.  It is not easy to get in to our national club - you must have 2 unrelated current members sponsor you to join the club.  You must sign a code of ethics.  Don't get scammed.  Find a responsible preservation breeder of this wonderful breed, who cares about health and temperament as well as breeding for the AKC standard. 

MOCHA - 1 year old female PET

Mocha is a very playful fun and friendly little girl.  She was just 1 year old in April.  We had bought her for show but her bite has gone slightly off.  It is not anything that affects the way she looks and does not affect her eating in any way - we will just not be showing her or breeding her.  This girl would be great for a family with kids or with active adults - she is busy and active and she enjoys playing.  She is good with other dogs, good with all people.  She is microchipped and has all vaccinations, is current on heartworm preventative and worming.  Please contact me at cara7166@protonmail.com if interested in Mocha.


BINDI - smooth female PET

We will be breeding Bindi (not sure who else) for her last litter this spring.  After her litter grows up, Bindi will be available to a wonderful pet home.  Will be spayed before placement.    Bindi would do better in a home by herself or with a male.  She is not entirely fond of most other females, though an occasional one she is accepting of.  If a female, she does better with a dominant type girl.  She is house trained and wonderful in the house, has lived in the house all of her life that I am aware of.  She is wonderful with all people - loves kids, is not extremely active but not a complete couch potato either.  Will bark to let you know someone is coming in.  She is a larger girl, in the 7 pound range.  

So, You Think You Want A Teacup Micro Mini...

Please read if you think you do!


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