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The Process




Terlingua Chihuahua


Evaluating a Litter and Deciding on Placement


If you are interested in an available dog, please email Cara at terlinguachi@gmail.com  Email!!  Best way to reach us.  I am not a phone person, and my time is very limited with kids, dogs, horses, and helping Joe with the BBQ truck.  I am GREAT with emails and Facebook messages.  If we identify a dog you and I both feel is right for your home, we can talk on the phone at that point if you would like.  ALL of our dogs are current on shots and heartworm preventative, well cared for and much loved.  

Best way to reach me is EMAIL terlinguachi@gmail.com or Facebook messenger.  These dogs are not cheap or free - they are priced as other quality well-bred Chihuahuas.

We currently have puppies, but they are not old enough for placement.  We will put up weekly photos.  Our Facebook is public so even if you do not have Facebook, you can still look!


Please read the links to the right about THE PROCESS OF GETTING A TERLINGUA CHIHUAHUA and "EVALUATING A LITTER AND DECIDING ON PLACEMENT.  Very important.  We do not have "lists" - what is important to us is the FIT between puppy & family and we work very hard to make sure it is right.

Caroline - pet female

Caroline is available through no fault of her own.  She was in a wonderful pet home since March - unfortunately, her beloved owner has an unexpected illness and she was no longer able to keep her.  In her owner's words, Caroline is "amazing."  She is a sweet wonderful girl.  She is great with ALL people, good with kids, great with male dogs.  She is good with some female dogs as long as they are not aggressive with her (she will defend herself!) or cringey licking at her mouth submissive which she does not like.  If the female is a chill girl like Caroline, she's fine.  Caroline is not at all hyper, not very active, really likes to hang out with you in your lap, beside you on the couch, or in a bed at your feet.  She is a great companion and will make a wonderful pet for someone.  She turned 5 in March.  For more info please write me at terlinguachi@gmail.com or private message me on messenger.  I do have a video up of her on my facebook that shows her personality.

So, You Think You Want A Teacup Micro Mini...

Please read if you think you do!