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The Essential Guide for
New and Prospective Chihuahua Owners

Is a Chihuahua going to be your next family pet?  A great fit does not have to be left to chance.  45-year breed veteran Cara Ryckman and 41 other preservation breeders help you to learn to identify a reputable breeder, write that introduction letter, how to spot red flags or even worse – a scammer.  Look into rescue – what would it be like to adopt a rescue Chihuahua?  Don’t be one of the inquiries that the ethical breeders pass by.  Find out how to handle sensitive issues such as kids, other dogs, and past problems.  What supplies might you need for your new puppy?  What to do when you bring your puppy home to continue the great health and temperament your breeder worked hard to provide!  Activities you can do with your Chihuahua – this is a smart dog with a big heart in a small package who can do it ALL.  378 pages of great information that will help you find and raise the Ultimate Chihuahua.

This is the information I have given and continued to give for years when approached by someone looking for a Chihuahua - many times finding me AFTER a bad experience.  If you are having problems, I can help.  The information is here:


Knowing What You're Getting Into

Are Chihuahuas the Right Breed for You?

Knowing What You Want

Show, Pet or Performance

Adult vs. Puppy

Smooth or Longcoat?

Male or Female?



So, You Think You Want a Teacup...


Kids & Other Dogs

Are You Wanting to Breed?

The "What You Want" Worksheet

Selecting a Breeder

How Not To Get Scammed

How to Talk to Your Prospective Breeder

Chihuahua Health Testing

Where NOT To Buy a Chihuahua

Breeder Red Flags

NOT Red Flags

How a Breeder Evaluates a Litter to Choose The Best Fit

What About a Rescue?

Chihuahua Adoption:  The Story of Spike

Ivy's Story

Some Reputable Rescues

Bringing Your Chihuahua Home

Your First Days With Your Chihuahua Puppy

Maintaining Your Puppy's Health




Protecting Your Chihuahua From Your Veteriarian



Socialization, Trianing and Activities

The Smart, Versatile Compact Chihuahua Who Can Do It All!

Obedience Training



Barn Hunt


Lure Coursing

Dock Diving

Trick Dog

Scent Work

Herding Instinct

Therapy Dogs and Service Dogs


Camping, Boating and Swimming



Toss & Fetch

Farm Dog

Junior Showmanship


Keeping Your Chihuahua Safe

Chihuahua Transport

About The Author

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