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In Memory Of...

I put this page up not only to honor those we have lost, but also to educate anyone who thinks they want to breed Chihuahuas.  It's not all rainbows and sunshine, and sometimes it is a very dark place full of loss.  RIP little ones.  I will see you again at the Bridge.

Glitter was lost to us after a C-section.  She had made it through the surgery ok, our vet was taking photos of her with her babies and she had even raised her head.  She crashed and died, and our vet was unable to revive her.  We miss you Glitter.  Life won't be the same without our funny silly Skittery Glitter.  Daphne is raising your babies and we will name them in remembrance of you, but that won't bring you back.  RIP.

Victory's Dazzle A Cowgirl Destiny

Chelsea asked me to add Destiny to this page...Destiny was about 2 weeks prior to due date and we had thought up to the night before this happened we could feel puppies moving.  We got up that morning to find Destiny not herself, and there was some black discharge.  Chelsea phoned Dr. Julia and headed to the vet only to have Destiny die on arrival.  Dr. Julia could not bring her back.  Puppies had died DAYS before and what we had been feeling was uterus contracting trying to expel the dead puppies.  She never seemed in any way in labor, nor did she ever try to push or seemed out of the ordinary in any way - just seemed "not herself" that morning and went downhill VERY quickly.  Her previous litter she had delivered early due to pre-eclampsia, and we had expected an issue but not this.  It was a shock and a heartbreak.  Chelsea has Destiny's ashes.  We have her daughters Velvet and Fantasia to carry on her legacy at Terlingua.  RIP Destiny.


This is the moment I almost quit.  We all loved this puppy with every iota of love a person can have for a pet.  She was born with a four leaf clover on her back which gave her the name Lucky.  At 8 weeks old, I came in to find her laying on her side nearly unconscious.  I was SURE she was sugaring out, but I could not get her back.  As I knew she was not going to make it over an hour to my vet that has a clue, I went to the nearest vet.  The vet argued with me.  She would not give her the treatment for hypoglycemia.  She started doing tests on Lucky.  I still feel to this day that it was sugaring out, and if she had just given her the treatment she would still be with us.  She refused and Lucky died.   It was a huge blow to our family.  Shelby STILL cries if she is brought up.  We had a stuffed animal made to look like her that helped Shelby a great deal but I get tears in my eyes today, years later, looking at her picture.  


Sometimes Chihuahua mommies are not so cut out to be a mother.  Una's mom woke up from her C-section and attacked her.  She bit her head (pretty severely).  She never accepted her at all.  I handfed Una for 2 weeks and as her head grew, she began bleeding out her ear.  Unfortunately her mom had damaged her brain when she bit her.  I had become so hopeful - this was my first attempt to handfeed and she was growing and gaining and I thought doing so well.  Her internal injuries were too great with her brain and after 2 weeks I woke up to find her dead after her nursing beautifully only 2 hours before on the sponge.  We buried her under the mimosa tree and it took me weeks to be able to talk about it without bawling.  I could not keep her mom.  I placed her in a great pet home.  She was a wonderful dog, just not cut out to be a mommy.


CH Terlingua Thunderstruck, "Tenetke"

Tenetke was waiting for the birth of her first litter, a singleton, and the puppy died inside her and she went toxic.  $1000 vet work couldn't save her.  The vet thought she was improving then she took a turn for the worse and he lost her.  Chihuahua breeding can be very heartbreaking at times.  This is one of those times.  Tenetke, we'll never forget you!!  Your ashes are going to come home and sit beside Glitter on my shelf.  We will miss you.


AKC Silver GCH CH,

Iabca IntCH Hi-C Chanel Pearls and Ice at Terlingua  


Top 20 Multi BPIS Multi BPISS IntBA/NatBA



Part of my heart died on March 10, 2019.  I loved her like a child.  She was killed by another Chihuahua right here in the house with me just rooms away, but I did not hear it.  I guess the TV was loud, or that the kids were gaming...and I did not hear.  I feel that I failed her as I did not save her from this...I loved her all her life and I will love her forever.  By the time she was discovered, she was gone.  Chanel, I will always love you and miss you with all my heart.  I would have given all of it up to still have you with me.  I'm devastated.


GCH-B CH Cogie's Oh My Stars


Star suddenly and unexpectedly went blind only a few weeks after she was bred.  We assumed maybe it was an issue with pregnancy, but we soon found out she was not pregnant.  A few weeks later, she started going around around around in circles.  Suspecting a neurological issue, we went to the vet and found she had encephalitis.  As there are several types of encephalitis, she was treated with several medications and improved.  We thought she was almost out of the woods and she started rolling over and over.  We asked friends for help and the suggestion of mega doses of penicillin was approved by our vet and found to be extremely helpful, as well as cbd.  Unfortunately, just like before, when the medication stopped she began to go downhill again.  We were very sad that the encephalitis took Star from us in late June 2019.  RIP sweet girl, fly high.

RIP Terlingua Crown Jewels, "Diamond"

Toxic pregnancy, she went septic inside.

Had a section and was stabilized...then after midnight she started seizuring.  We stabilized her several more times.  Thought she made morning Joe told me she was good.  I walked in, she opened her eyes and died.  It never gets easier.

We love you, Diamond. :(


The one, the only 3x Eng. BIS

Specialty BOV/AKC Group Placer GCH Am/Eng CH. Solsplash Sargent Major at Bramerita, our much loved EE.  Murdered September 28th, 2019 by an intruder in our home.  Reward of $10000 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the perpetrator.  Heartbroken...we are in denial he's gone.  His kids carry his legacy but no one will ever replace him.  The kindest sweetest friendliest most gentle wonderful little dog!  We LOVE you Egor!!  I hope you are loving Chanel for me in heaven til I get there.  Miss you both way too much.


Our beautiful Dora died of cardiac arrest on 8-29-2020 after 24 hours in the emergency clinic unresponsive.  So sad to lose you baby girl.  We will miss you.


Prada died only a week before her seven babies were due.  She had kidney failure.  We rushed her to the vet and he did emergency surgery to try to save the babies, but they were not viable without her.  We really loved you Prada!  We will miss you.  It took me over a month to put this up.  I had a really hard time with this one.


CH Brogansian Bowie passed away on July 20th, 2021.  Bowie was a gentle kind loving dog who our whole family will miss terribly.  He especially loved Joe and Lyla.  Fortress has been his constant companion on the last year and she is beside herself.  Oh how we will miss you, Bo.


CH Terlingua Trump Card, our "Ivanka" who was very special to us as well as to our friends the Dempseys, passed away from pyometra.  We will miss you Vonks.  :(

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