Lots of great information as well as the breeder directory can be found at The Chihuahua Club of America website.  Other important information on our national club website:

Most importantly, HEALTH INFO!

The AKC Standard

The club's statement on the molera (the soft spot on the skull that some vets will freak out about - it's ok!) 

No, teacups are not Chihuahuas and Chihuahuas are not teacups - club statement on teacups

Are there Chihuahua clubs and events near you?

Hypoglycemia - important to know about in any toy breed!

What is hydrocephalus

IRIS pen:  a great playpen for your puppy - put bedding in half and either a litter box with pine (Feline Pine or Equine Pine) pellets or pee pads on the other half.  Whenever you can't watch your puppy, make sure he or she is in the Iris pen.  A great way to teach the puppy how to be clean or hopefully continue the good practices your breeder has started - many breeders use these and they are a great idea for a new puppy.

Nutri Drops:  this is my new favorite stuff for a puppy who might be stressed or sugaring out.  ALWAYS have this on hand and take with you when you travel with your puppy.  I prefer this to the other treatments because it works instantly.  I have never seen anything work better than this stuff.

Rebel Raw:  this is where we get our raw from - it is just the right mix of meat, bone, and organs.  2 oz per meal, 2 meals per day.  They LOVE it and so far I am really happy with how great they are looking.  We are using the restaurant condiment bowls and be sure to take back up (it will be empty!) in 15 minutes and wash with soap and water.  A friend told me about easy mode for this is to use cupcake papers, and that way no washing - you just throw it away.  

If you are not going to feed raw, we suggest Royal Canin.  I have tried a lot of different foods and I had the best luck with that in kibble.


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