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Bark Potty - a wonderful dog potty solution!

So, you may have seen the advertisements for Bark Potty. A few things got my attention - the fact that it replaces 60 pee pads, that it controls odor, and that it lasts up to a month. I liked the look of it compared to torn up pee pads, and I wondered what the Chis would think of it. We have anywhere from 5-8 chis in my bedroom/kitchen/study area of the house at all times and we go through a mountain of smelly pee pads. So this sounded like heaven to me.

When you take it out of the box, this is what it looks like close up. It is very woodsy smelling, pleasant, and it is basically mulch looking stuff behind wire.

So, we had Kobe, Ava, Trixie, Ivanka and Capri checking this thing out first. Daphne didn't even feel it necessary to get up out of her bed to go check this out. Halli also just hung out and did not go explore it first of all. Kobe lost interest fast. But Ava, Trixie, Ivanka and Capri were very interested and smelled all over it. Capri was absolutely obsessed and though surely it was a chew toy dispenser. I had read that some people have dogs intent on tearing it up and throwing wood everywhere. That was not my experience.

My dogs didn't really know what this was. So, I decided to put a pee pad on half of it to show them. They figured it RIGHT out after that. I did not have to use a second pee pad on it. They were stoked about their new bathroom.

Capri was very intent on checking out the wood - ALL the time. I brought out a new toy for her and it proved to be a great distraction. She still spent a LOT of her time the first few days hanging out in the area of the bark potty, laying on the bark potty to chew on her toy, and she is the only one of the dogs who actually attempted to pull the bark out but it only lasted a few days and she got bored with it. The other dogs after they figured out it was a potty, used it as a potty. Just like the pee pad, they would go to it, go to the bathroom and go on. Like the ads say, you do not have to use the pee pads - and I personally found that my dogs had far fewer "accidents" off the pee pads because they really want to go to the bark potty.

Kobe was just sure it was a bed. After we removed the pee pad, he also figured it out. Like the ad says, it doesn't smell like pee pads. It smells like a woodsy forest. It is NOT a mess as I had been concerned about. After the first few days, even Capri just goes to it to use the bathroom.

We are sold! By the way, we got the large one. $48 a month. I was thinking we might need a second one for the bedroom area but they do prefer to go on this! They will walk out of the bedroom into the kitchen. Thank you Bark Potty! We are very happy with this solution.

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