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The Short but Love Filled Life of Terlingua Spectacular

His name was Spectacular - a big name for a little guy, so he was known as "Spec." Spec was a singleton guy who had a rather uneventful seven weeks of me trying to decide if he looked more like his sire Eyota or his dam GCH Faith. Even at such a young age, he had a presence about him that made me think he might be something really special. Lexi had been working with him on not being so soft - he was a little concerned with new sounds and sights, so he had spent time with her learning about this big world he would never really experience.

Lexi ran in to me with him, his little head slouched sideways and I was surprised...he had no problems at all and he was not small. He had a very small molera. But wait...he had a huge jagged molera. I had never seen this before. I had certainly seen puppies with a larger molera and I had seen the jagged edge but I had NEVER seen one that was small that became....absolutely HUGE. When I felt that, it gave me a very ominous feeling that this was not sugaring out from weaning issues. Lexi was already making her special preparation - she mixes dyne with nutridrops and health extensions plus electrolytes and usually if a puppy is just having some weaning troubles, he will come right back up. Spec did not come right back up. He was never ok again. For the next 24 hours, Lexi fought so hard for him. She sat with him, she held him (well we all held him)...she loved on him, she gave him all she had but it wasn't enough for him to stay with us. We moved him to the incubator when I felt he was cold. Joe pointed out that his brain was actually visibly sticking up through his molera. We had some medication to relieve that swelling and we tried it...yes, it took the swelling down. But he wasn't ok. He wasn't himself.

I kissed him for the last time and said "Stay with us Specky..." Joe decided he would tube feed him to make sure he got some nutrients as he had not had anything but dyne. We decided maybe he was looking a little better. He was walking around (very unsteadily) and seemed very confused. He didn't do that cute little play bow we had come to know and love from him. He didn't play with Ava's stuffed lobster that he was laying with. He became quiet and still again and laid down on his side. We moved him to the incubator since it had seemed to help.

He sighed and slept. Lexi went back into check on him and he was gone.

They call Chihuahuas "The Heartbreak Breed" in breeding. Our hearts all broke a little more with this guy.

We love you Spec. Seven weeks with you was not enough. There were ribbons you'd never win. You'll never have titles on either end of your name. There were toys you didn't get to play with. You never got to experience the wild circles the Chihuahuas love to do in the yard when we're sitting out enjoying the summer weather. Come to think about it, you only saw the sun through a window. I hope where you sit with our Lord tonight that you can see the sunshine. I am only comforted by the absolute knowledge that for every day of your life you knew how much you were loved. And you were every bit Spectacular. We were just the only ones who were privileged to see it.

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