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People often ask, "What supplies do I need for my new Chihuahua puppy?"  Sometimes it is hard for a new owner to find the correct supplies.  We have put Amazon Associate links below for you to find the correct items.  While yes I do get a "commission" this is not for me, so far I've made a total of $4.98 in the three months I've had this up but I don't even get that yet as it has to accrue to a certain total - not even sure what that total is.  But what I am sure of is, if I have told you to  purchase this item or that item or if you aren't even getting a Terlingua puppy but you have a new Chihuahua puppy coming and you want to have the right items on hand, here they are!  Hope this helps everyone and I am happy to answer questions about any of these items.  If I was going to say what the most iportant items are, I would say the iris pen, pee pads, dyne, and nutridrops.  

Recommended Supplies 

Items not on Amazon:


California Dog

Clearly Loved Pets 

Justin Beds

Rita Piko

Sea Breeze Petite Pens 


Purina Pro-Plan 30/20 Salmon (either the Salmon & Cod or the Salmon & Rice)  PURINA PRO PLAN Sport All Life Stages Performance 30/20 Salmon & Rice Formula Dry Dog Food, 33-lb bag -

Origins Supplement  ROGUE PET SCIENCE Origins 5 in 1 Multi-Plex Support Dog & Cat Supplement, 5-lb bag -

Dr. Harvey's Fish Oil Supplement : Dr. Harvey's Health & Shine Salmon and Krill Fish Oil for Dogs- Supports Healthy Heart, Brain, and Eyes (16 FL OZ) : Pet Supplies  


Best in Show Bitch video series – the episodes with Lana Bowes showing grooming of a smooth and longcoat Chihuahua.  (many other great informative and funny episodes as well!)  Lana also has a set of products she recommends that are listed underneath the videos.


AKC’s neat app for searching by state and/or event for shows and dog activities:

IABCA – International All Breed Canine Association.  To check out their dog shows and events, go to  What is neat about this organization is that you can actually show your spayed or neutered dog in the Companion judging. 

ICE Dog Shows, another international dog show group.

Infodog,  A great resource to find out about shows or dog activity events near you.  Check the Show Calendar, under the category “Show Info.” 


Denise Fenzi’s Fenzi Dog Sports Academy – a wonderful resource for online classes.

Mighty Mite Dog Products specializing in tiny dog training tools

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