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The Process:  How to Get a Terlingua Chihuahua  (the ONLY way to get a Terlingua Chihuahua)


Litters Page:

Terlingua Facebook page:


Introductory Letter

If you are interested in a Terlingua Chihuahua – whether it be one that is on the Available Page, a puppy you see on our Facebook page, or a future puppy – the best way to start a conversation about that is to email or message me.  In that introductory letter, it would help me to know pet or show, male or female, longcoat or smooth coat, and any characteristics that are important to you for your prospective dog.  Also, I need to know about your home – do you have kids?  Do you have other dogs?  If so, please tell me about them (kids or dogs) and their personalities and experience with toy dogs.  None of these things are a dealbreaker, but a discussion about how you are going to introduce the puppy and keep the puppy safe.  You need to tell me if you have a quiet calm home where you sit home and watch tv the majority of the time, or if you have a family circus like me with kids and friends in and out all the time, or if you are a social butterfly and you want the puppy to be similarly outgoing and out and about.  All of these things will help me determine if the puppy is the right match for you.


We do not take deposits or plan homes for infant puppies.  We do not determine if a puppy is show potential or pet until 8 weeks – we feel this is also the best age to look at personality to see what the puppy may be like as an adult.  Our pet puppies do not go to their new home before 10-12 weeks.  We do not go down a waiting list to choose a home, nor do we choose a home in the order someone wrote to us.  Talking to us or writing us does not guarantee you a Terlingua puppy.  No Terlingua puppy is reserved until we both agree it is the right fit, and we have a signed contract and payment has been made.  We will not contact you if we are selling to someone else if you are "thinking about it."  We get many inquiries and have many wonderful homes for only a few puppies a year.  Pet puppies are $2000, Show potential puppies are $3500 and up.  While I will sometimes let a show potential puppy go as a pet, the price will still be that of a show potential puppy.




After we discuss your expectations in a Chihuahua and any questions I might have from what you’ve told me, keep an eye on our Terlingua Facebook.  Our Terlingua Facebook ( ) is public, so you do not have to be a member of Facebook to see it.  In fact, we have a Facebook feed for Terlingua on our Litters page.   I will post photos each week and at the 6th week I will also begin posting videos.  If you have interest in a puppy, write me privately and let me know.  If you have questions, ask anytime!  I never mind questions and no, you are not bothering me at all!


Now here is the important part:  The squeaky wheel does get the grease.  During the posting of these pictures & videos, the person who talks to me and expresses interest in a puppy will be more likely to be offered the puppy if the puppy is a good match.  At that point I will begin learning a lot more about the potential owner as well.  If you write me one time about a puppy and then later wonder why you were not chosen for the puppy, it is because we did not get to know you and have enough information to really determine if you are the right home for the puppy.  Talk to us!  That is how it is going to happen.  You don't have to write every day or make up some kind of content to write...ask questions you want to know about the puppy.  Let us know how much you like the puppy, and how you see the puppy fitting into your home. 

When it comes down to making a decision, you can imagine I will be much more interested in a home where I have developed a friendship with the person over the weeks the puppy has been growing up, and I have a lot of details to work with to match the puppy vs. someone who wrote one time and said “Smooth female please.”

NOTE:  If you tell me “keep me up to date” – I’ll be honest, I won’t.  I don’t have time to individually write everyone each week – it’s not that I wouldn’t like to, I just don’t have time nor do I know each person’s level of interest (that is part of this process – if you’re interested, you’ll look and let me know if there is someone you like, or ask a question, or communicate with me in some way).  I am a great answerer.  I am not going to seek you out every week to give you information.  I am not going to email you photos - the photos are on the Facebook and the link is at the top.  There are no new secret photos I am not showing people - when I have them, up they go!


If you're snarky or ugly, you will not get a puppy - I guarantee that.  I am not "in the dog selling business" and I honestly don't care if I'm a great salesperson - I don't need to be.  I'd rather be a great dog person, caring about my dogs and working towards the best fit on anyone we don't keep for our program.  Threats to go somewhere else - please, if that's what you want to do, I have even provided a great list of other breeders and rescues I recommend.  I do understand if you've been waiting a long time, it gets frustrating and I encourage you to explore all of your options.  Those who stick with us and wait until that right fit comes are very happy.

Now is the Time to Take Action!

After all this waiting, at 8 weeks we do an evaluation of show vs. pet.  After this evaluation, I will make up my mind and offer the puppy to the home I feel is the best fit (or if none are the best fit, I will put on the Available page - this very RARELY happens, I have many great homes contact me for a range of different types of puppy personalities and situations).  There is a small window.  I do not hold dogs for anyone – it’s not fair to the dog to miss out on a good home if one appears who is ready to move forward, and this has happened to me more than once in the past waiting on a home that does not materialize with someone “thinking” or “checking with spouse.”  Please do all that in advance of the 8 week date.  At this point, if you are really wanting the puppy, this is not the time to think...the time to think was before this time during the waiting period.  If I do not get an answer, I WILL move on to the next potential home that is a good fit.  While I am sure there are a few people who legitimately have something going on not to answer, usually if someone doesn’t answer they have either found another puppy, they are stalling for another breeder to make up their mind, or they are just not ready to move on.  If any of these things are true, it’s not a problem, you can tell me without hurting my feelings – and it probably won’t impact you in any way for being considered for a puppy later.  I really value the truth and not wasting anyone’s time.  We have many inquiries and only a few puppies – some people will unfortunately be disappointed or have to wait for another litter.  The puppy’s best interest will always come first.  When we both agree it is a good fit, it will be time to sign the contract and 1/2 deposit put down, and at that time it is YOUR puppy.  We will then talk about making arrangements for pickup.  The puppy will be able to leave at 10-12 weeks OR when the puppy has the 10 week shots, is fully weaned, fully independent from mom, and physically and emotionally ready.

If after reading this letter you have questions, I am happy to answer!  

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